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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a concierge?

A personal assistant who will help to manage your To Do list. At MSF, we support you to maintain the lifestyle you are accustomed to. We also provide assurance to your family with our hospital and rehab companionship service. 

What services does My Senior Friends offer?

At My Senior Friend Concierge Services, we provide services to include errands, grocery shopping, transportation, companionship, and more. 

Who uses My Senior Friend Concierge Services?

MSF serves older adults striving to maintain their independence, most often in their homes or in senior communities, and their families – active adult children balancing obligations to work, family, travel and more. Whether local or living at a distance, we keep families informed. 

How do you work with the families?

We understand that adult children are busy with work and family; yet they still have a concern for the care of their loved one’s wellbeing. With MSF we serve as your eyes and ears. We keep you informed and updated after each visit. We are committed to ensuring you peace of mind. 

What are the hours of operation?

MSF works primarily with our clients to create a reoccurring schedule. However, Friends are available on Sundays by appointment, Tuesday & Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00pm and Saturday from 9:00 am to 6:00pm.

Does My Senior Friends provide transportation?

Yes. Local transportation for doctor appointments, pick up medications, and errands to the grocery store is provided to ambulatory clients and included in the package price. Transportation outside of the service area will be charged mileage.   

Do I have to provide my personal or financial information?

No. You will be in complete control of your financial information. MSF are there to assist you with any day-to-day activities or responsibilities that you need help.  

What about confidentiality?

We sign a confidentiality agreement so you can be confident that personal and/or proprietary information is kept entirely confidential. MSF understands that you need to feel trust in the Friend who sees your finances, folds your laundry, and straightens out your pantry. We will never divulge you are our client without your express permission.

How much does Concierge services cost?

Costs are based on your needs. Whether reoccurring or just a few hours, we have a plan for every budget, every style, every need! Call (310) 756-3900 for a free consultation to determine your needs and the best package that works best for you.

Do you bill or pay as you go?

Services are billed at an hourly rate for as-needed services and paid upon completion of service. Membership packages are billed monthly. You make the decision as to which you prefer. And you can change your mind along the way. You don’t worry about worker’s comp or taxes or insurance. We act as an independent contractor. If you think our services might be tax-deductible or covered by insurance, you should seek the advice of the appropriate professional for guidance.

What form of payment does MSF accept?

We accept all credit cards, Zelle, Cash, Cash App, and PayPal.

How do I get started?

Call (310) 756-3900 for a free consultation to determine your needs and the best package that works best for you.

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