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"I am so grateful for Tiffany. She is so understanding and patient with me. She has a way of making me feel calm and safe. She always has my best interest in mind, and I trust her to advocate for me." ~Marylene

"Tiffany has such a kind heart. She is so friendly and patient" ~Joseffie

"Committed and dedicated. She takes pride in her work and she's very easy to work with." ~Justin

“Tiffany is a take charge type of person. I watched her come up with an idea and plan it all the way to the event day. She is very dedicated to her project and she pays attention to every detail; even down to colors, fonts and placement of centerpieces. Tiffany is a consummate professional who works with you. She treats your event as if it's her own. I would definitely recommend her." ~Tammy

...."I have seen her take a conceptual idea and make a complete operational program out of it.  She is very good at trouble shooting any problem that may arise and is definitely an asset to any one that she works with.” ~Theresa 

"I worked with Tiffany on a new fundraiser idea. We needed to raise money for youth scholarships and we had very little 'seed' money, Tiffany thought of a wine auction fundraiser that ended up raising over $3500. She was able to get all of the auction items donated and she worked with the winery to donate food. Everyone in attendance had a great time and they can't wait until the next event. I would definitely work with Tiffany again." - Pauline

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